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Extract from the book:

This Course

The Training book, and so the course, is concerned with businesses that sell goods or services on credit to other businesses.  It is not about a person’s own problems with credit cards, loans or other personal indebtedness.

There are ten Sections plus a bonus section taking you from the initial understanding of what Credit Control is to a detailed look at how to actually perform the role.  There are forty-eight lectures throughout the course, some are very short, some are quite lengthy.  All are important.

The course is a hands-on, practical guide to doing the job of an Accounts Receivable Officer (ARO) within an organisation or, with experience, in your own business – see Franchise for more details.  The course is not a theoretic examination of accounting principles.  It is not therefore ideal for those seeking a career in Accountancy except for the understanding it provides such students through their degree and beyond of this function.

By working through the lectures, taking notes and practicing the methods used you will be able to perform the duties of an ARO competently and efficiently.  Take your time.  Understand the contents and receive a Certificate of Completion having demonstrated your newly learned abilities as explained in Section 10 of the book.

Will it guarantee that you will get a job as an ARO?  No, but it will give you the knowledge and ability to put you in a better position than other applicants and enable you to show at interview that you know your stuff and should be taken on.

For those of you already employed as an ARO the course will enhance your knowledge and ability to perform the job well and also provide you with further expertise so that a promotion within the ranks of Credit Management is highly probable.  Remember, however, that the Course is a basics course.  There is so much more to learn to deepen your understanding of what it takes to be a Credit Manager.  I sincerely hope you will enjoy the course.  The lectures are very different from one another and I know you won’t be bored by them.  Make sure you complete the exercises that you are given.

World Wide Training

This book allows you to read the course as it was presented by me as a stand-alone reference document although, it goes without saying, that its effect would have been greatly enhanced by you taking the course as well.

I trust you will find the book of value and helpful in either your search for a position in Accounts Receivable, wherever you are in the World, or in the acquisition of knowledge and further skills to heighten your enjoyment of the role and to help make you eligible for suitable promotions within the Credit Management sphere.

Please note that all figures quoted, whether monetary or time-related, are correct at the time of writing this book, that is May 2017.

A Receivables officer (and then Credit Controller) is a vital part of any organisation’s structure.  Until the money’s in the till the sale hasn’t been completed – it is your job to ensure it is.

Done properly, the work of a Receivables Officer will place him or her in a position of respect and value to his or her employer, whether working alone or within a team.

In Australia, an Accounts Clerk in Sydney can expect to earn an income of around $55,000 – $60,000 a year.

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