Your Franchise-like Business


You Have Just Taken The First Step …

… to owning one of the best value-for-money, legitimate, businesses in the World.

Take command of your future by owning your own work-from-home business with Accounts Receivable Solutions. 

We enable you to provide a range of outsource debtor management services, and credit control, to small to mid-sized businesses who cannot justify in-house staff.  You help them to get paid without stress or upsetting customers.  We also compile Terms & Conditions of Trade and you receive a good commission to help you quickly recover your modest investment.

We provide you with outsource debtor management and credit control systems similar to those used by large corporations to help smaller businesses get paid.  No debt collecting is involved.  Our systems have been developed from over 15 years B2B debtor management and practical commercial experience.

Prospects for Outsource Debtor Management are good in nearly all economic climates.  They are especially good when business confidence is low and cash flows are tight.  This is when Australia’s 600,000 businesses selling to other businesses (B2B) need to get paid on time.   Over 75% of these are small and cannot justify in-house debtor management staff and this is not confined solely to Australia.  All major economic countries face the same dilemma.  You help fix this crucial problem and earn a professional-level income.


When buying a franchise-like business from us you totally own it. 


I’ll repeat that so you are absolutely sure:  When buying a franchise business from us you totally own it.  Forever.

Generally, if you buy a franchise it comes with an expiry date, so all you are doing is renting!  With an Accounts Receivable Solutions business you can start right away – or when ready – with our easy to follow manuals and client finding methods.  Training, if required, is one-to-one via Skype, phone and email and an initial one-to-one get started meeting is available, regardless of where you are in the World!   (Available to those paying for the business fully at the outset).

And, of course, as it’s your business you are free to sell it if and whenever you wish – no commitment or financial responsibility to a franchisor.

The business provides you with the following systems and these are available for you to use either in their entirety or you can elect to undertake just some of them.  Your choice:

1.  Outsource Credit Control is the ‘bread and butter’ of your business and is the art of persuading customers of your clients to pay without upsets.  Using our methods it is surprisingly easy and enjoyable (really it is!).  These are non-aggressive yet effective and, again, no debt collecting is involved as we simply don’t do debt collecting.  No money ever comes to you from paying customers, it goes directly to your clients.  Debtor management is a field requiring trained people and sound systems.  If a business lacks them, getting paid is stressful, time consuming or ineffective.  This is where you come in, to solve those problems.

2.  Terms & Conditions of Trade.  Our legal-process team compiles Terms of Trade to help protect clients’ goods and other property from being seized and sold by receivers if customers become insolvent.  They are the ‘ground rules’ by which your clients and their customers conduct their activities.  They help resolve disputes, limit liability to claims, enable the client to recover all debt collection and legal costs as well as providing solutions to other risks of being in business.

3.  Diagnostic Debtors Health Checks help larger companies assess the effectiveness of their debtor management systems by comparing them to best practice. It pinpoints weaknesses and helps them to improve effectiveness. The Diagnostic can both generate fees and gain long term clients for credit control or other services. As with all our services full instructions are provided.

4.  Club and Association Subscription Management.  Outsourcing of club and association subscription management relieves hard-pressed volunteers, or staff, from work they find hard to do in the time available.. Yours could be the only business in the area that provides subscription management for clubs and trade associations. This is profitable and enjoyable work that fits in with your other Accounts Receivable Solutions services.

5.  Account Opening Forms. Supplying Credit Application Forms can be surprisingly profitable by selling them to non-clients or using them for promotions. They help clients avoid bad debts and make credit control easier.  They generate income and provide a gateway to introduce other services and a database of potential future clients.

6.  Credit Checks vet the credit worthiness (or lack of it) of businesses requesting credit from other businesses. They are vital before new accounts are opened and for existing customers if purchases are large, or when they fall into arrears. Our credit checks are for B2B transactions rather than for individual.

7.  Invoice Scribe is an Outsource Invoicing Solution for smaller businesses who have problems with invoicing customers on time and accurately. It is ideal for those charging by time, quotation, time and travel, and other non-inventory businesses.  Late invoicing can also be a problem for small professional firms.  Late invoicing means late payment and Invoice Scribe helps fix it and is usually combined with credit control.

8.  Peace of Mind – a total debtor solution for tight run businesses or those lacking administration support, such as small firms and trades people. Peace of Mind frees clients from back-office tasks. and comprises:

  • Invoicing
  • Receipt Posting
  • Aged Debtors Reporting
  • Statements Issuing
  • Credit Control

With Peace of Mind, a client’s invoicing is accurate, up to date and customers pay on time.

9.  Credit Policy Reviews are currently being developed and will be a valuable service to larger companies. This ‘system’ is best suited to purchasers of Accounts Receivable Solutions businesses who have accountancy, business banking or similar experience. We can of course train you in the use of these reviews.

10. Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) Registration Service.  (For Australian franchises).  We have a referral arrangement with a professional firm who specialize in Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) lodgments for which you receive a commission. Businesses that do not have their goods, other property and money owed by debtors secured on the PPSR can lose the lot if a customer goes broke.

The Next Step …

 For your investment you receive:

  1. A ‘Get Going’ Package
    • Sent to you immediately upon payment, which includes three Operating Manuals (business setup, system details, sales and marketing),  the Credit Control ‘How to’ Desktop Guide packed with informative material and a ‘Hands-on’ Skills Training book.  Plus a USB with operating and promotional materials.
  2. Access to Training 
    • The extent of training (if required) and the fee to be charged will be dependent upon your background and knowledge. A quotation will be provided based on your needs and the training is normally undertaken by Skype, email and phone after you have read the manuals.   Ongoing support is provided to help you run and expand your business, year after year..
  3. Terms and Conditions of Trade
    • It is surprising how many businesses have inadequate Terms of Trade. Some even have no Terms of Trade at all!  Sales of Terms of Trade can reap you good income so that you recoup your investment in a short period of time. Referrals of clients can earn you over $500 for each client that acquires our documentation.
  4. Client Training
    • Are you an educator? Do you know how to present training packages? Want to learn?  There are opportunities for you to provide training to those Companies that have their own Receivables staff and need for them to be more efficient.  Accounts Receivable Solutions provides such training and you can be part of that also.

So …

Take command of your career and future by owning an Accounts Receivable Solutions business. 

Contact Adrian Stead via the Contact Page on this website.  Or see more by clicking here.