Our Services

Geared towards SMEs selling on credit to other businesses and from as little as $70 per week, you will benefit immediately from having an experienced, Australian outsource team looking after your interests.  We use assertive but non-aggressive methods with your customers and will not besmirch your good name or relations. We will communicate with you regularly to ensure you receive quality reports and that we receive up to date instructions from you.

And don’t forget, if you are not satisfied with our performance you may simply fire us at anytime.  The services which we provide are:

  • Credit Control
  • Credit Checking
  • Terms of Trade/PPSA
  • Account Opening Forms
  • Training
  • Club and Subscription Management

Credit Control 

Our most popular service delivering structured control of your receivables book. Customers are unaware that an external credit management specialist has been employed and we will do all of it away from your premises (unless you prefer otherwise).

We contact all your overdue debtors to encourage payment, ascertain any concerns which your customer may have and of which you are not aware, and arrange monies to go directly to you (not to us) promptly. All we need to know from you is that you have received the payment.

Slow payers are followed up regularly and our subtle techniques persuade them to mend their ways without you losing their business.

Our Credit Control saves you time, money and aggravation.

Terms of Trade/PPSA

  • We will assess your existing Terms of Trade
  • Compile new Terms which incorporate the PPSA requirements – written by an experienced legal practitioner
  • Explain to you in simple, easy to understand terms
  • Explain how the PPSA affects you
  • Provide training to your staff on how the PPSA works
  • Assist you in registering sales on the PPSR

 Debtors Health Check

We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing debtor management practices. We pinpoint weaknesses in systems, poor collections performance or inadequate approval processes and recommend appropriate action.

You choose how you wish to proceed and we can either assist you to improve your processes or take on some – or even all – areas for you. We work with your staff to make their lives easier and improve your systems.

You can’t fix what you don’t know. Lets Accounts Receivable Solutions help you get back on track.

Credit Checking

We vet the worthiness of businesses wanting to purchase from you on credit terms. Checks are vital before new accounts are opened and also for existing customers looking to increase the volume of credit business with you. Checks can either be of an informal telephone nature or formal written requests.

Our credit checking is for B2B transactions only. It is not for checking individuals.

Account Opening Forms

Account opening forms contain the vital information you need to determine the amount of credit you may wish to grant and to obtain payment afterwards. Without them bad debt risk is high.

Accounts Receivable Solutions will sell the form to you for a one-off fee which includes a FREE licence to allow you to copy the forms for your future use without fear of breaching any copyright laws.

Club & Subscription Management

We are one of the few businesses that offer this service to small clubs, trade or business associations. Some businesses sell software packages but this involves time-consuming set up and new program learning. Associations are often not for profit and may rely on volunteers who have little time and no experience in collecting overdue payments. Accounts Receivable Solutions provide an alternative and can manage your subscriptions for you.

Credit Control Training

Professional training in credit control is vital to ensure that staff engaged in the administration of your policies and procedures are skilled, knowledgeable and confident in carrying out the tasks.  See our training website at https://trainingexcellence.net.